Blenheim Park CC vs Sydenham CC – 19th August 2018

An enjoyable afternoon on the South Lawn for the visit of Sydenham. Having won the toss and inserted them we performed very well against a batting line up which looked like it had some capable contributions. Apart from them getting after Jake for a few overs early on we were always in control. Excellent spells from Nigel and Raj early on kept them at bay and we took regular wickets. Their opener reached 50 before JVF took a well judged catch on the rope at back square leg off the ‘bowling’ of Stan. After that it was a coast into the finish with Rhino and JVF running through the tail. A rare afternoon with Stoddard in the team where he wasn’t required to bowl. An excellent fielding display with catches and a great run out by Raj/Kerr saw us finish for tea early having dismissed them for 111 in 34 overs.

After a relaxed tea we returned to the task of cricket.  Our new Opening pair of Jake Spearman and Phil Boardman played well against a decent opening attack of pace and swing.  Phil leaning back and carving through point and Jake uppercutting and driving.  Both fell close together having put on 26.  West and Stoddart opened up against the weaker change bowling, before James miss timed a poor ball and was caught.  Gokani and West then finished it off picking off the pretty easy bowling and giving the occasional chance before the winning runs were scored in the 24th (?) over.

With the early finish we took the opportunity to have a team photo and retired to the pub for beer and nibbles.



Blenheim Park CC vs South Wales Hunts CC – 12th August 2018

So, moving swiftly on from another thrashing by South Wales Hunts…


Blenheim Park CC vs Islip CC – 22nd July 2018

A convincing win over Islip yesterday (according to rumour at least – the score book is empty), probably helped a little bit by a gluttonous 139 from Charlie Bethell (though with an empty score book this must, regrettably, remain an unofficial score; maybe next time, Charlie). Match report to follow (I’m still waiting on a few contributions to my holiday fund from people who would rather not appear in it).



Blenheim Park CC vs Medmenham Village CC – 15th July 2018

We had an enjoyable morning playing golf – thanks to Malcolm for suggesting and organising that – and then we were all very hot and bothered all afternoon. After a dot ball and two consecutive wickets, Medmenham CC scored the winning runs on the antepenultimate ball of the final over. Individual stand-out performances are a shimmering haze in my memory; I know Lee Keyes scored a quick-fire fifty, but he subsequently made up for this with his bowling.




Blenheim Park CC vs Steeple Aston CC – 8th July 2018

We lost a high scoring match against Steeple Aston they batted and their 17 year old opener got 150* from their 235 total. We were all out for 195 in 32 overs chasing.



Blenheim Park CC vs Bayshill CC – 24th June 2018

Malcolm won the toss on a sun-dappled South Lawn, and wisely chose to take first dig. Phil Boardman and Martin Cox set off at a blistering pace (yes, you read that correctly) before Phil ran past a straight ball allowing the keeper the simplest of stumpings. The skipper promoted himself to number three to feast on the less-than-stellar opposition attack, and, having dispatched his partner via the sharpest of non-singles, duly and predictably padded his stats. With debutant Saleem – a replacement for Lee who both scored runs and conducted himself with dignity (bye Lee) – he added 119 in 23 overs before the newcomer missed a straight one and was bowled for 66. Malc trudged on, and finally departed for 73 on what might have been the final ball before tea, the declaration coming at 216-4. While all this was going on, Nigel was quietly scoring with a visiting Aussie.

The target always looked to be beyond the reach of Bayshill; the only doubt being whether Blenheim could take ten wickets to force the victory. But there was little Bayshill backbone, and wickets fell with monotonous regularity. Nigel bagged a pair, the Spearmans shared five, the Gokanis three, catches were held, and the repair to the Woodstock Arms was mercifully swift.

Blenheim Park CC 216-4d, Bayshill CC 83. BPCC won by 133 runs.

Season to date: W3 D2 L2



Blenheim Park CC vs Iffley Village CC – 17th June 2018

  • They batted first in the 35 over a side game
  • Stan was the man of the moment – 3-17, plus contributed to a sharp run out
  • Yes, you read that right, I know those words do not normally appear in the same sentence in that order!
  • Spearman’s decided not to catch – off their own, or, each other’s bowling – except for one lapse by Spearman the elder for S’man the younger
  • Nigel, a quick learner, opted to take matters in his own hands (seems such a waste of a great pun …) and rearranged the woodwork a couple of times
  • One apiece from Spearman (E & Y) & Gokani and another run-out completing the wicket tally
  • New boy Nick had a great debut – excellent (and busy) in the field, including 2 catches (also see below)
  • Innings closed on 163 All Out in the penultimate ball

Tea ‘service as usual’ with the Return of the Mike – welcome back!

  • BPCC innings started off positively with Rob Kerr settling into his openers’ role (37ish and 7 or 8th wicket)
  • But little other support except – New boy Nick with a quick fire 22
  • Other key events:

o   Coxy turning the other cheek to a beamer – the ball did the slapping on this occasion. And an opportunity for a public service broadcast …. Please (re-)consider wearing a helmet guys.

o   Last 7 wickets tumbled for a handful of runs

  • BPCC 136 All Out in the 30th Over – could and should have been a win.




Blenheim Park CC vs Juveniles CC – 10th June 2018

Once again Blenheim hosted the Juveniles and an early start as the J’s needed to getaway early, and getaway early they did until the introduction of the perennial jug avoider, Rhino (4-36), with Stan (a well-judged catch by the young Nathan), Nigel (and Raj contributing with one-a-piece and the latter two combining to earn a run out. The J’s learnt a lesson – Nigel can throw as accurately as he bowls! All said, the J’s innings ended on 131-8 off 38 overs.

BPCC innings started slowly and slowed further. The rumours of spectators preferring to watch paint dry may be justified with the score limping to 46 in the 18thover, with the initial RR of 4.3 having risen to 6.6 RPO. Even though short lived, It took our U15 import, Nathan, to inject a sense of urgency to the innings. Wickets started tumbling as BPCC set about chasing down the modest total with Liam (22), Charlie (17) and Malcolm (17) hitting some lusty blows. It came down to the last over and 10 needed to win, and then 6 off the last ball – and I didn’t make it. BPCC closed on Stan (1 N.O.), Raj (4 N.O.) …. to regret the afternoon’s proceedings – 126-7 off 31 overs.


Highlights of the day were:

  1. Mrs Keyes’ teas – scrumptious! Superbly supported by Caroline Kerr’s cake (and cucumber sandwiches) – all thoroughly enjoyed by everyone (and looking at our performance maybe too much by some)!
  2. Robert dropping (almost) everything – the ball (hardly a surprise), his beer (criminal) and even his trousers (yes, really!), the photographing tourist didn’t know where to look! Maybe Rob’s behaviour is weirdly linked to the opposition we are playing, so I look forward to next week – and so glad I’ll miss the return game against Sheepscombe – the mind boggles!!!

Season’s stats:

Played 5, Lost-1, Drawn-2, Won-2



Medmenham CC vs Blenheim Park CC – 3rd June 2018

We Came, We Saw, They … Capitulated

Blenheim started with a devastating spell from new boy Charlie B … well, it would have been if all the catches that went to hand stay in said hand(s)! CB still ended with fine figures of 1-18. James the Barber had a similarly successful spell and figures, plus a direct hit run-out from the boundary. Other notable bowling heroics came from the Spearman boys – with the son (2-16, including a spectacular B&C) once again outshining the dad (2-24) and Keyes 2-0 from 5 balls. 125 All Out.

BPCC started in usual fashion – all guns blazing. Only for the guns to be silenced too soon, followed by a steady accumulation of runs on a very unpredictable pitch. In the end, Keyes (20), Cox (39), Broadman (14), West (28 n.o.) and Gokani (10 n.o.) saw BPCC home to a comfortable victory

Played 4, Lost-1, Drawn-1, Won-2



Blenheim Park CC vs Sheepscombe – 27th May 2018

They Came, They Saw, They … Capitulated (poet’s licence and all that!)

Blenheim started with a 1st over wicket – bowled Walker, caught Angol (yes, you read that right … both times!). Considering BPCC has only managed one wicket in each of the first two matches this was a big improvement. Spearman 4-27(ish) continued the fine start unsettling the woodwork multiple time.  First change at the Walker End saw the introduction of Angol ‘to mix things up’ -promptly giving away a flurry of boundaries before taking a C&B (yep, believe your eyes!). Gokani followed Angol, and the flurry of boundaries continued – including an attempted catch at ankle height whilst straddling the boundary… in the process converting an easier catch at chest height into a certain maximum – no names mentioned, but the skipper was not happy! Wickets continued to tumble at the other end with Stoddart 4-15(ish) the pick of the bowlers. In taking a catch, Spearman claimed an assist – and technically, 5-wickets, theoretically, a jug … but, practically, just gratitude from his team-mates. Thus, ended the Sheepscombe innings – 139 All Out.

The Blenheim openers started brightly– well, one of them did, the other, more commonly seen flipping birdies settling for a Duck. However, before the end of the day, Keyes made a telling contribution …. wheeling in the side-screen.

West (26) and Phil ’The Trellis’ Boardman steadied the ship – with the sharp and agile fieldsmen’s curious propensity to drop catches aiding the cause. Cox’s arrival, and a couple of lives, steadied the innings further (42*). Stoddart tried in vain to light some fire-works; with George Kerr (28) delivering on this promise and a much needed run-rate acceleration. Gokani (20) arrived with the score into triple digits and the steady march towards the target continued … until the penultimate over and 3 runs from victory. Gokani skied a catch to mid-off, ran ¾ of the length of the pitch …. and back … run out. R Kerr (0 N.O.) next in, participated in the winning stand and 300% strike rate which saw BPCC claim the first victory of the season!

 Played 3, Lost-1, Drawn-1, Won-1

 Upwards and onwards!