Blenheim Park CC v Juveniles CC – 11th June 2017

Blenheim unable to control Juveniles

After near farcical “Rollergate” incident whereby President Shaw managed to stall the Roller in the middle of the wicket with 10 minutes before scheduled 1pm start. At least 11 suggestions as to how the issue may be resolved (including lets all push it!)

Eventually the posh Range Rover was despatched to get some jump leads – Roller was eventually restarted at 1.50pm – The games was thus reduced to 30 overs as the Juveniles needed to get to bed early. It was a tossup which bellowed out the most fumes the roller or chairman Shaw.

Things started really quite well . Will Cox with and awesome spell (6/0/4/13 ) aided and abetted by the dependable Nigel Walker(1/30) at 6/2 and 44/6 thoughts of early tea and a long session in the pub appeared a certainty .

Unfortunately with a limit of 6 overs per bowler meant an early change. Cue Stan the Man taking their main man (captain) first ball with a sucker half tracker holed out to Walker in the deep – After that things changed dramatically with Stan and David AS conceding 40 runs in their four overs It became apparent the cunning Juveniles had reversed the bl££dy batting order Captain Cox and Leekies were 4/5 th change Leekies seemed to think they couldn’t hit a half volley on the leg side …… they could ! Coxy prized one of them out and late call up JV-F came on for the last over to take a wicket with his second ball – How they they ended on an unlikely 143only the scorebook will reveal

Tea was taken – including excellent home made flapjack/brownies (Mike) and sponge cake(Mrs K) was well received by all Father and son Cox combination opened the innings and with a generous smattering of extras the Cox combo moved the score over 40 after 7 overs . A run out debacle saw both Cox’s at the same end Martin pulled rank (poss pocket money) and Will had to walk (shoulders slumped back to the pavilion. Leakies looked his normal belligerent self but was undone by the first change (Luke) left arm over and missed a full toss that went on to hit his leg stump Coxy was next to perish and suddenly at 50/3 things were beginning to wobble.David A-S (4) struggled and Johnny Vaughen–Fowler inspite of not having batted since last June managed to get bat on ball and scored a quick 13. BPCC were falling behind the rate Phil Humphries perished and Kerr lasted about as long as one of Mrs May’s manifesto pledges – Stan and the Professor Phil (16)(now with runner) put on a good partnership with Stan despatching the ball to the boundary twice in one over , the innings closed as Walker(2) and Engel (0) Unsurprisingly Kerr let no byes through and was exemplary behind the stumps.

It was a game we felt we should have won but we came second, all played in a good spirit and so retired to the pub earlier than usual to discuss what might have been .

Spelling, grammar and factual errors courtesy of Rob Kerr.