Blenheim Park CC vs Sheepscombe – 27th May 2018

They Came, They Saw, They … Capitulated (poet’s licence and all that!)

Blenheim started with a 1st over wicket – bowled Walker, caught Angol (yes, you read that right … both times!). Considering BPCC has only managed one wicket in each of the first two matches this was a big improvement. Spearman 4-27(ish) continued the fine start unsettling the woodwork multiple time.  First change at the Walker End saw the introduction of Angol ‘to mix things up’ -promptly giving away a flurry of boundaries before taking a C&B (yep, believe your eyes!). Gokani followed Angol, and the flurry of boundaries continued – including an attempted catch at ankle height whilst straddling the boundary… in the process converting an easier catch at chest height into a certain maximum – no names mentioned, but the skipper was not happy! Wickets continued to tumble at the other end with Stoddart 4-15(ish) the pick of the bowlers. In taking a catch, Spearman claimed an assist – and technically, 5-wickets, theoretically, a jug … but, practically, just gratitude from his team-mates. Thus, ended the Sheepscombe innings – 139 All Out.

The Blenheim openers started brightly– well, one of them did, the other, more commonly seen flipping birdies settling for a Duck. However, before the end of the day, Keyes made a telling contribution …. wheeling in the side-screen.

West (26) and Phil ’The Trellis’ Boardman steadied the ship – with the sharp and agile fieldsmen’s curious propensity to drop catches aiding the cause. Cox’s arrival, and a couple of lives, steadied the innings further (42*). Stoddart tried in vain to light some fire-works; with George Kerr (28) delivering on this promise and a much needed run-rate acceleration. Gokani (20) arrived with the score into triple digits and the steady march towards the target continued … until the penultimate over and 3 runs from victory. Gokani skied a catch to mid-off, ran ¾ of the length of the pitch …. and back … run out. R Kerr (0 N.O.) next in, participated in the winning stand and 300% strike rate which saw BPCC claim the first victory of the season!

 Played 3, Lost-1, Drawn-1, Won-1

 Upwards and onwards!