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BPCC V Cricketers Club 2pm 23rd August 2015 – Blenheim Park Cricket Club

BPCC V Cricketers Club 2pm 23rd August 2015

Editors Note. This was a new fixture for Blenheim Park picked up through our Twitter account as we were as first leaving the date vacant due to the holiday season but players were keen to have a game. We were incredibly lucky to find the Cricketers Club and hope to continue this fixture for many years to come, whilst alcohol remains legal or available. The highlight for me – amongst many in the day – was the four swept by Sebastian Courage whilst falling forward like a drunk man in the batting crease!

Remainder courtesy of Allan Engel

In some respects yesterday’s visitors, the Cricketer’s Club, are a mirror image of our team. A genial grey-haired teller of tall tales (except in Blenheim’s case the stories are probably true), the family who turned up with two tiny children (except in Blenheim’s case one of the tiny children was actually playing), an astonishingly aged scorer (except in Blenheim’s case the scorer knows how to add); they even had their own version of Stan (except in their case the guy could actually bat).

Despite the prognostications of the gloom-mongers, it was obvious that the lunchtime rain was only a passing phase, and a thirty over game began at three o’clock. Put in to bat on a tricky, drying surface, BPCC’s openers Shaw and Cox sr were watchful rather than dashing against accurate bowling, but after Shaw fell Talbot J played some expansive shots before falling tamely. Gokani soon followed, but Cox jr opened his shoulders to great success and even cajoled his old man into running the occasional single. The final few overs saw the newly-moustachioed Aussie open up and hit some huge shots over the ropes, finally succumbing for 63. Some late biffing from Walker and Angol saw the mighty Blen through to a respectable 146-5 from their allotted overs.

What happened in their innings? Well, runs were scored at a decent rate, but wickets fell at regular intervals. The Chairman took a catch at slip, the Spearmeister doubled his wicket tally for the season, Stan bowled somebody and had someone else caught at long-off, Jake the Mini Rhino bowled like a smaller, quicker version of his dad (and fielded excellently), Nigel held two fine catches, so did Will but one was chalked-off as James had ‘Steven Finn-ed’ a bail in his delivery stride, Raj mixed some unplayable deliveries with some all too playable ones, a piece of alert thinking from Rob ran out a batsman in everyone’s view except the umpire’s, our opponents subtly held back their quality South African batsman until the game was almost lost, and finally, with twenty-nine overs gone, seven runs were needed off the final over, bowled by James.

Single, single, dot, four, and the scores were level. A speedy yorker was just kept out, and another off the final ball was edged into the leg-side with the batsmen scampering home to win by three wickets.