BPCC vs Sydenham CC – 18th August 2019

Firstly another big thank you to Andrew and his team for a fantastic prelude to the game which was very much appreciated by all who attended.

Regarding the game itself; a whole new format was invented with the 32 over thrash being contrived by the captains prior to the toss (they’ll all be playing it next year).

And a thrash it was.

Whether brim full with beef or laden with sumptuous strawberries or just sozzled with champers, only two Blenheim batters managed to scrape into double figures in a rather forlorn looking scorecard. But wait what’s that at the top? Keyes 103 retired (out). Yes the vociferous one had managed to bypass double figures completely and in doing so carry the team to a more than reasonable 185 all out. Either he must have been right at the back of the queue and missed out on the earlier food & drink or perhaps right at the front and therefore had ample time to digest /sober up. Either way he was in no mood to hang about in the middle. Four followed six followed four as wickets tumbled at the other end with persistent regularity.

Clearly not used to such a format the Blenheim innings came to an end within 31 overs.

A quick refuel later (courtesy of returning tea man Mike) and we were back in the field. Again wickets fell regularly with all 8 bowlers taking wickets (except for Rhino) with top figures recorded by Weedon of 3-9 off 4.

Catches were taken by a gloveless Kerr (Snr) and Spearman (Jnr) as Sydenham subsided to 121 all out in the final over.