BPCC vs The Cricketer’s Club CC – 26th July 2020

So to our annual fixture against the rather eccentric and non aggressive blazered “Cricketers Club”XI featuring the talisman Pete Langman.

BPCC chose to bat and captain Phil Boardman got a beauty that came in and just clipped the off stump 3rd ball . Keyes joined Simon Parker, his first scoring shot a six straight over the opening bowlers head! The partnership flourished until Keyes was adjudged LBW (P.Spearman) for a well made 46, he chuntered all the way back to the “pavilion” indicating it was either going over the top, down leg, or he was too far down the track to be possibly given out, Phil Spearman when he finished he spell of umpiring ended the debate “look in the book Keysey, LBW”. Luckily Villa had scored a goal by then and he didn’t rise to the bait. Stalwart David Hughes slowly made his way to the wicket a few well taken singles made him look solid at the crease until called upon to “run “ a single a direct hit saw him back on the benches.
Nick Bartlett strode to the wicket with more purpose than Wednesday night (0 ) and was soon punishing the bowlers with some lusty blows.
Parker was soon out (“probably the slowest 11 he has scored “his words) to super catch from Sam Baker Jake Spearman(2) looked stylish but didn’t last long to be replaced by Tom Weedon – these two continued the late onslaught until Tom sent Nick (28) back to be sacrificed for a run out
Kerr(1) and Spearman (2) held up the other end while Tom plundered a quickfire 28 with extras featuring heavily (30). Total 152 looked enough.

Boardman introduced an interesting tactic opening with Finn Spearman (yes Spearmans making up 27% of the team) and Stan. The plan worked; in Finn’s first over a maiden and second over he bowled their opener for his debut wicket for Blenheim aged 13!
After 4 overs of spin Weedon came on inspired by his runs and trying to impress his doting parents showed great pace and was rewarded with bowling their other opener.


Champagne Moment   


With the Cricketers passing 50 at a gallop their impressive looking Sam Baker smacked a half volley from Weedon towards Simon Parker who stuck out a left hand and caught the ball low down not only saving a certain four but dismissing their best batsman .
Jake S chipped in with a wicket and with Weedon tiring and Jake bowled out it was time for Bartlett and Spearman Senior to show the family he wasn’t ready to let his boys get all the plaudits . His first ball was a half tracker that was sweetly struck straight down the throat of deep mid off Jake Spearman out ! Even though the wickets fell they wer up with the asking rate and passed 100 mark with 10 overs to go. Game on.
Turning Point! With No6 M Funge looking comfortable but running out of partners was forced to up the pace a Rhino special saw him go for the big one over the top , momentarily leaving his crease for a split second , only for the sharp Keeper Kerr to whip the bails off BOOM STUMPED! THE GAME TURNED.

Phil cleaned up the tail and Simon Parker took the last wicket not before Phil Boardman actually fielded the ball in the penultimate over (welcome to the game Phil!) Great game played in good spirit well captained by Phil and excellent performance in the field probably won us the game.

MOM -Finn Spearman

4 fer Phil and the Rhino cubs

Report: Robert Kerr (duh)


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