Medmenham CC vs Blenheim Park CC – 3rd June 2018

We Came, We Saw, They … Capitulated

Blenheim started with a devastating spell from new boy Charlie B … well, it would have been if all the catches that went to hand stay in said hand(s)! CB still ended with fine figures of 1-18. James the Barber had a similarly successful spell and figures, plus a direct hit run-out from the boundary. Other notable bowling heroics came from the Spearman boys – with the son (2-16, including a spectacular B&C) once again outshining the dad (2-24) and Keyes 2-0 from 5 balls. 125 All Out.

BPCC started in usual fashion – all guns blazing. Only for the guns to be silenced too soon, followed by a steady accumulation of runs on a very unpredictable pitch. In the end, Keyes (20), Cox (39), Broadman (14), West (28 n.o.) and Gokani (10 n.o.) saw BPCC home to a comfortable victory

Played 4, Lost-1, Drawn-1, Won-2