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BPCC V South Wales Hunts 2pm 16th August 2015 – Blenheim Park Cricket Club

BPCC V South Wales Hunts 2pm 16th August 2015

Courtesy of Allan Engel

Things we never thought we’d see again:

A betamax cassette, the UK winning the Eurovision Song Contest and Phil Spearman taking a wicket. Well, let me just dig out my video of Katrina and the Waves because Rhino, the Vicar of Dibbly Dobbly, not only took a wicket, he took two. Against a decent team. On a relaid Blenheim wicket. And one of them was bowled




South Wales Hunts (not, apparently, cockney rhyming slang) were yesterday’s visitors, and were inserted in a timed game (although the precise timings were disconcertingly fluid). Nigel pulled up with an injury in his third over, but Gorgeous Georgie T and Raj bowled exceptionally well against a strong batting lineup, keeping the runs down and always looking dangerous. After them, Will and Phil kept up the pressure and SWH eventually declared at a belated tea interval for somewhere between 190 (the total in the scorebook) and 210 (the total on the scoreboard).


In the long and storied history of cricket teas (a volume on the subject is due to be published by Joe West), a footnote will have to be found for yesterday’s effort. Never content to bow to the mediocre, the Talbots rustled up paella, chocolate biscuits and assorted berries. And beer. (There were no Smarties, so Get Well Soon Mike). The opposition were unanimous in their approval, but they are an exceedingly polite bunch.


To get close to their total, a depleted BPCC batting lineup were going to need something miraculous from Coxy and AN Other. Coxy came to the party with yet another half-century, but no-one else stayed with him for very long. Soon enough, thoughts turned to saving the game, and determined efforts from George, Will and Rob Kerr to bat out time were successful. If you have a betting slip for Shergar to win the Grand National ridden by Elvis Presley, I’d try and find it sharpish. It’s less unlikely than the lofted boundary over mid-off that Rob Kerr unfurled in the final over.


We may have finished a hundred short, but we drew, so take that you Hunts.